A Real Time Advanced Continuous Temperature Monitoring Solution.

Temperature Range: from +800ºC (1472ºF) upwards.

Source: Jernkontoret / Pia & Hans Nordlander, Bildn

TempSpec is the correct solution for high-to-extreme temperature measurements

TempSpec is a real-time on-line temperature measurement system for challenging high temperature metallurgical processes. The system has been developed to withstand e.g. slag splashes. TempSpec is easy to install and maintain and it’s also suitable for highly dusty and otherwise harsh environments.

Application examples:

  • EAF tapping temperature measurements
  • Copper converter slag temperature measurements
  • Converter off gas temperature measurements
  • Strand temperature measurements near the mold in continuous casting

Modular structure for various needs

The system’s modular structure enables it to be adapted and optimized for different measurement needs and locations. The temperature measured by TempSpec can be displayed in a variety of dedicated displays or integrated into an existing display according to customer needs. Additional process data or spectrum diagnostics can be used to compensate the impact of process conditions. The TempSpec system can also be connected to digital or analog industrial network systems for on-line control, for example Profibus, Modbus or 4-20 mA connection.

TempSpec can be combined with ArcSpec to gain even more control over the high temperature processes. TempSpec is based on Luxmet’s advanced optical light emission gathering technology and has been developed in close co-operation with our key industry partners.