Luxmet Oy Privacy Policy
In compliance with European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Updated in 22nd January 2018

Data collector
Luxmet Ltd
Paavo Havaksen tie 5 D
90570 Oulu, Finland

Purpose of the information collection
We collect information to:

  • introduce our products and services to potential customers and partners
  • inform our existing customers about our products and services
  • take care of our customer relations with our existing customers
  • develop our products, services, customer experiences and marketing practices

Information we may collect
We may collect following non-sensitive personal information:

  • name
  • company name
  • position and role in organization
  • e-mail address
  • phone number
  • office address
  • history of your business activity with us

Website Cookies
We don’t use cookies. Cookies are used only if you want to see our office location and click the map link image on “Contact us” page; it takes you to Google Maps which uses their own cookies according to their cookie and privacy policies.

How we collect information
We collect information e.g. when you and we communicate; e.g. by phone or e-mail or you fill in the contact form in our website. We may collect information also from our partners and public sources which comply with GDPR or Privacy Shield framework.
Information security and handling
Information may be stored in our own secured servers or cloud service providers’ servers (e.g. e-mail and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other Software as a Service (SaaS) providers). Only the persons who have a direct and justifiable need to handle the information have access to your information.

Information is stored for the time period as it is needed to maintain communication connection with you.

Information transferring to third parties
We do not give or sell your information to external parties who are not related to our communication and business with you.
We may share and transfer your data to our legitimate partners such as a sales partner in your area. We may also share and transfer information in case of a change in our company structure such as establishing a subsidiary or other corresponding activity.

If illegal activity would be suspected and investigated by a legal authority such as police, stated with a justifiable reason, we may provide them the information they need in their investigation.

Information transferring outside of European Union (EU)
Information may be transferred outside of EU in few cases:

  1. Information data storage of a cloud based SaaS provider, such as e-mail or CRM software, might have data storage located outside of EU. In that case the information may be automatically transferred or backed up in such automatic data storage.
  1. If your location is outside of EU, we may transfer your information to our trusted partner(s) in your area to be able or more effective to service your needs.
  1. If we are partnering or making other significant company structure changes.

In line with GDPR, in all cases we use service providers and partners who are handling information in compliance with GDPR or Privacy Shield framework. This applies also to the used data transferring methods.

Your rights to access and correct your information and to be forgotten

  1. Your rights to access your information: you may ask us what information we have collected about you.
  1. You may ask us to update and correct the information we have about you.
  1. Your right to be forgotten: if a necessary purpose for information handling, such as our business relationship with you has ended, you may ask us to delete your personal information. If there is no legal obligations to do otherwise, information will be deleted without undue delay.

In all cases please note that the request must come from the very same person whose information the request is about.

Changes in Privacy Policy
Possible changes will be updated to this online Privacy Policy.

  • minor changes will not be informed personally
  • significant changes will be informed personally to those whose information has been collected, with a time period to react

More information about GDPR:

More information about Privacy Shield: