Measure, control and optimize your EAF in real-time

The Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) process is extremely energy-intensive and due to the extreme conditions inside the furnace, real-time measuring of the EAF process has not been possible with conventional methods. This has caused relatively inefficient process optimization, unnecessary use of energy, and excessive wear of furnace equipment.

Based on our patented technologies, we have developed ArcSpec, a unique process control system that has finally enabled reliable real-time dynamic control and optimization of the furnace. Real-time dynamic control leads to:

Improved energy efficiency

Increased production capacity

Reduced electrode and refractories consumption

Optimize the Electric Arc Furnace process

An Electric Arc Furnace generates huge amounts of light from several sources. The arc, flames, and hot slag inside the furnace all emit light. ArcSpec measures differentiate these light sources in real-time with Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES). Light’s spectrum and changes in the spectrum give information about the melting progression and the light source.

ArcSpec then further analyses this information into control signals. The signals are sent to the furnace control system to make the necessary changes to optimize the process. An intuitive user interface is provided to give the controller a better understanding of what is currently happening in the process.

Since melting does not happen at the same speed in every hot spot of the EAF, it’s important to control the electrodes individually. In addition to the faster melting process, ArcSpec also enables e.g. accurate timing of additional scrap basket charges which reduces the overall process time and improves energy efficiency.

ArcSpec collects light from the EAF

The system breaks the light into spectral components

ArcSpec analyzes the data and generates control signals

The process is adjusted based on the signals

Everything as a service

We offer the ArcSpec system also as a turnkey service. Our services can consist of an assessment period prior to any final decision. All our products can be offered as a continuous service, including the use and maintenance of the system.

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