Real-Time Slag Composition Analysis During Ladle Furnace Operation by ArcSpec

Feb 1, 2024

This scientific article reveals a groundbreaking development in the ladle furnace process.

Traditionally, obtaining precise slag composition data in ladle furnaces required time-consuming XRF analysis, causing delays in decision-making and impacting operational efficiency. However, Luxmet’s cutting-edge technology introduces real-time measuring of slag composition.

Imagine having instant insights into your ladle furnace’s slag composition, enabling you to make informed decisions on the spot!

This breakthrough not only streamlines your operations but also enhances efficiency, minimizes waste, and contributes to cost savings.

Key Advantages:

Operational Precision: Making adjustments in real-time based on accurate composition of CaF2, MgO, and MnO ratios.

Efficiency Boost: Optimizing ladle furnace performance and reducing operational delays.

Cost Savings: Fine-tuning CaF2 levels and optimizing MgO content to prevent refractory wear.

Ready to improve your ladle furnace operations? Explore the possibilities with Luxmet’s technology! Link to the article