Bottleneck in Steel Production

Jan 25, 2024

Imagine reducing electrode wear, minimizing refractory consumption, and achieving faster tap-to-tap times.

EAF is the backbone of steel production, but its efficiency is often hindered by challenges, turning it into a bottleneck in the process. Luxmet’s ArcSpec emerges as the game-changer, providing real-time insights from inside the furnace during the heat.

Optimizing Scrap Charging, Maximizing Efficiency

One of the critical difficulties in EAF operations is the optimal timing for charging additional scrap baskets. ArcSpec, the first system of its kind, measures scrap melting progress in real-time, guiding operators to make decisions that enhance energy efficiency and speed up tap-to-tap times.

Real Results: up to 7% Reduction in Tap-to-Tap Times

By optimizing scrap bucket charging and power-on-time, ArcSpec delivers up to a 7% reduction in tap-to-tap times. Time, a precious commodity in steel production, becomes a valuable asset, increasing efficiency and production.

Transforming Bottlenecks into Gateways

Luxmet’s ArcSpec isn’t just about technology; it’s a commitment to transforming challenges into opportunities. As EAF evolves from a bottleneck to a powerhouse, our system paves the way for a sustainable, efficient, and globally impactful steel production future.