ArcSpec and Off-Gas Analyzer 

Jan 11, 2024

Two technologies, one mission: A smarter, more efficient EAF operation. 

ArcSpec ensures precise control over the melting process and enhances productivity. 
Off-Gas Analyzer makes a comprehensive analysis of off-gases for insights into chemical reactions. 

ArcSpec’s precise control reduces electricity usage, electrode, and refractory wear, while the Off-Gas Analyzer adjusts the carbon/oxygen injection ratio and detects abnormal water vapor events. 

These two technologies seamlessly integrate, improving electric arc furnace operations. 
The synergy ensures that no aspect of the process goes unnoticed, providing a comprehensive understanding of the furnace’s dynamics. 

The combined power of ArcSpec and Off-Gas Analyzer maximizes energy efficiency. 
Optimized charging, coupled with precise gas analysis, creates a synergy that maximizes overall furnace efficiency. 

ArcSpec and Off-Gas Analyzer – a dynamic duo for a smarter, greener, and more efficient future in steelmaking.