Boost energy efficiency in your Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)

Nov 2, 2023

At Luxmet, we’re thrilled to introduce ArcSpec, our innovative solution that not only decreases power-on-time by 5% but is also easy to install in any existing Electric Arc Furnace (EAF).

Electricity Savings Annually: With ArcSpec’s advanced technology, we save up to 5% electricity annually for every EAF in operation. This amounts to an impressive 21 000 000 kWh of electricity saved each year (for an EFA with the production capacity of one million tons per year), equivalent to the power consumption of 2100 households for an entire year. [Reference: and ]

Effortless Integration: The best part? Our solution seamlessly integrates with your current EAF setup, ensuring minimal disruption and downtime. It’s designed for quick and hassle-free installation.

At Luxmet, we’re dedicated to not only improving efficiency but also ensuring a greener, cleaner planet for future generations. Our mission is to transform the steel industry by minimizing environmental impact while maximizing operational effectiveness.

Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable world. Together, we can make a real difference!