Mehrdad Mirzaei, a product engineer, has joined Luxmet in August

Aug 15, 2023

His focus will be on product life cycle management and business development. He holds two master’s degrees, one in metallurgy, and another in industrial engineering with a focus on product and project management.

Before joining Luxmet, Mehrdad worked in various positions within the metal industry, gaining hands-on experience in production processes and sales. This practical background has equipped him with a solid understanding of the challenges faced by steel and metal industries.

“I am thrilled to start this exciting journey at Luxmet. I have known Luxmet since I was conducting my thesis research at Oulu University. Their innovative approaches to assisting the steel industry and having a solid business model to have a long-term relationship with customers got my interest. I am excited to contribute to Luxmet’s mission and to work alongside a talented team.”

With his educational background, practical experience, and passion for innovation, Mehrdad Mirzaei is well-positioned to make a valuable contribution to Luxmet’s product development and R&D efforts.