Finland is taking significant steps towards fossil-free steel

Dec 15, 2021

Finland is taking significant steps towards fossil-free steel. Business Finland is funding three large research projects which aim to reduce the CO2 emissions from the production of metals and to completely eliminate the emissions in certain processes.

Two of the projects (FFS, Towards Fossil Free Steel and FOSSA, Fossil Free Steel Applications) focus on reducing the emissions in the steel industry. With hydrogen-based processes but also with the use of biochar and biogas in steelmaking.

These projects are implemented by a consortium of several companies and research partners. We at Luxmet are glad to be part of the FFS project and the ecosystem of steel expertise in Finland. We believe that the co-operation between companies is one the key factors for the success in complex projects like these.

Learn more about these projects from the link below (in Finnish).–metalli–ja-terasteollisuus-uudistuu-tutkimuksen-kautta-kestavasti