Luxmet partners in the North American Market

Sep 1, 2021

Luxmet is proud to announce a new business partnership with US-based Berry Metal. Berry Metal will offer Luxmet’s patented ArcSpec technology together with their overall offering of EAF solutions to help customers further optimize EAF production in the North American Market.

The combined technology of the partnership will allow customers to gain real-time EAF process control and automation resulting in:

  • Faster melting process, improved output and efficiency
  • Reduced tap to tap times
  • Better timed scrap charging
  • Elimination of blowback, extended lining/equipment life
  • Decreased electrode consumption and kwh

“We provide customers with new innovations and advanced technologies that help improve their efficiency, lower costs and increase steelmaking throughput,” said George Boy President of Berry Metal. “We’re pleased to now be able to offer customers enhanced EAF automation through our partnership with Luxmet. This is a win for customers, for Berry Metal, and for Luxmet.”

First installations of the ArcSpec technology are already planned and significant interest is expected from customers in the North American market.

“We believe that Berry Metal’s expertise in providing furnace technology for steelmaking will help us get to the North American market quickly,” said Mikko Jokinen, Managing Director of Luxmet. “We see this as an excellent opportunity for both companies, as together with Berry Metal, we are able to offer total solutions for significantly improving the EAF process. We are very excited about this cooperation”

Luxmet offers high-temperature process monitoring and control systems for steel and metal industries. Luxmet’s main product, the ArcSpec system has been proven to significantly reduce power consumption and increase the production capacity of Electric Arc Furnaces.

Berry Metal Company is a leading provider of furnace technology for steelmaking and ironmaking. Their goal is to provide customers the latest technology to improve efficiency, lower operating costs, and increase throughput in the steelmaking and ironmaking process.