Online slag analysis in EAF

Nov 19, 2020

Doctoral candidate Henri Pauna successfully defended his dissertation on the topic of ”Electric arc characterization and furnace process monitoring with optical emission spectroscopy and image analysis”. The industrial study that was conducted as part of the dissertation, revealed that Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) can also be used for analyzing slag content in real-time. This so-called online slag analysis is vital for new developments in EAF steelmaking. Above all, the information about slag composition is important for analyzing the quality of steel, as well as the efficiency of the process. Based on this research, Luxmet’s goal is to develop new features for the ArcSpec system. The goal is to optimize the metallurgical processes based on real-time slag analysis. 

The measurements for the dissertation were performed as part of the EU-funded OSCANEAF project (On-line Slag Composition Analysis for Electric Arc Furnaces). The goal of the project was to develop a continuous measurement system for EAF slag component analysis. Luxmet had an important role in the project as it is an expert in optical emission spectroscopy for industrial processes. 

Henri Pauna did his dissertation between 2017 and 2020 in the Process Metallurgy Research Unit at the University of Oulu. Of which, the first two years he was involved in OSCANEAF project. For this project, Luxmet provided the measurement equipment and analysis software. Luxmet’s equipment was used in pilot- and industrial-scale EAFs. The results showed that in industrial measurements the OES can tell us:

  • The effect of slag foaming
  • The development of the charge material
  • The melt temperature
  • The Slag composition

These findings are significant for the future of EAF development. Luxmet’s aim is to continue to be engaged in various development projects directed towards gaining new knowledge about more environmentally friendly steel production methods. 

Read the Pauna’s dissertation here.