Mathematical model for scrap melting in Electric Arc Furnace

Apr 20, 2020

Using multiphysics models in development of Luxmet products enables even more accurate process control and smarter reacting to the changes in the EAF process. Continuing the collaboration between University of OuluLuxmet Ltd and RWTH Aachen UniversityAron Ringel from RWTH Aachen University has recently been busy writing his Master’s thesis on online modelling of electric arc furnace at University of Oulu in the framework of the AMET research programme. The thesis was instructed jointly by Docent Ville-Valtteri Visuri, Dr Matti Aula and Tim Haas.

In his thesis, Aron developed a mathematical model for scrap melting in the EAF with a special emphasis of applicability for online modelling and coupling with online information flows. The model employs a modular structure with descriptions for the main phenomena, such as radiative heat transfer, burner efficiency and thermochemistry of scrap melting. The model paves the way for further developments in which the model will be extended to cover other process stages. The thesis was submitted to RWTH Aachen University, where it was examined by Dr Thomas Echterhof and Professor Herbert Pfeifer on April 7, 2020. #steel#furnace#technology#processes#eaf#luxmet