Luxmet enters the polish market

Mar 19, 2020

Steel companies in Poland (e.g. ArcelorMittalAlchemia S.ACognor SA ODDZIAŁ HSJ w STALOWEJ WOLICELSA Huta Ostrowiec, Sunningwell and CMC Poland) produce roughly 10.2 million metric tons crude steel annually. Half of that is based on Electric Arc Furnace technology and another half on classical Blast Furnaces. Luxmet recommends EAF because Luxmet’s technology can “see the inside of EAF” which consequently reduces electricity cost. In a campaign in March/April organized by Ewa Kicinska and Igor Deryło Luxmet will address Polish steel mills with info sessions related to newest way to increase energy efficiency at EAF by 3%…8%. #steel #poland #eaf #energysavings