Luxmet welcomes Dr. Petri Ahokangas to the team

Sep 19, 2019

Dr. Petri Ahokangas has joined Luxmet Board of Directors. Petri has been involved in Luxmet’s story from the beginning as a strategy advisor, and he is now taking a more active role in boosting the growth and internationalization of the company. “I especially like Luxmet as it is a green tech firm that not only helps to create a positive environmental effect in the steel-making industry by lowering CO2 emissions, but also helps the industry to be more efficient and productive”, Petri says. “I see that Luxmet has a huge potential in the industry and now it’s time to scale it up!” Petri’s background is academia and the ICT industry, and he has worked both as a professor and researcher in the international / digital business field as well as had various positions in the wireless communications and software businesses. His expertise and experience in boosting internationalization and building growth strategies will definitely help Luxmet. Welcome to the company!