More steel with less energy

Get the best out of your Electric Arc Furnace with ArcSpec

Control your EAF process with real-time data

Luxmet’s unique EAF control technology will let you see into the light. Gain real-time information and control your electric arc furnace with more accuracy than ever before. Know exactly what is happening inside the electric arc furnace and make better decisions in process control.

More control means more benefits

Real-time measuring of EAF enables a more optimized process. Improved energy efficiency and reduced wear of equipment lead to significant cost savings. In addition, faster tap-to-tap times increase your EAF’s production capacity.

Save energy

3-8 % Reduction in power consumption

Increased capacity

5-8 % Production increase

High return of investment

Typically 3-4 months payback period

Take a step to industry 4.0 with Luxmet's solutions

All of Luxmet's solutions are also offered as full service - risk-free. Gain full control of your EAF process and start saving without making any additional investments.

Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) process control

ArcSpec measures, shows, and analyzes the melting progression of the EAF hot spots and enables the optimal control of electrode power levels and other process variables.

On-line temperature measurement

TempSpec is a real-time on-line temperature measurement system for challenging high-temperature metallurgical processes. Gain more control over your process.

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